Vive simple, sueña grande. {September in Spain}

February 07, 2018

Live simply, dream big. In these cold college-stressful days I often browse through my summer photos. Spain, to be more specific. We...

Live simply, dream big.

In these cold college-stressful days I often browse through my summer photos. Spain, to be more specific.

We were planning on going to Greece, actually. But you know how it is when you procrastinate the heck out of everything and keep telling youself "The tickets will be even cheaper if we buy them next month!"

They weren't.

When the price went from 40€ to 200€, we decided that might not be too great (what's so special about Greece anyway, am I right? *holds sarcasm sign*). I spent the next day searching all kinds of low-budget airlines, and suddenly there it was - Santander. Neither of us had heard about it before, but one Google photo search confirmed it was breathtakingly gorgeous, plus it had the seaside, so it was decided.

Somehow we started thinking what an adventure it would be if we went camping. So camping we went. Because policies on what you can take on a plane differ from airline to airline, we made sure we would have a very cheap tent waiting for us in Santander (coincidentally, we were able to get it back to Slovenia without a problem).

We also made sure there would be space for us at the campsite, which, obviously, there was, because who goes camping in September? (Us, a younger couple, a guy with a bike, and an older German couple.) We overestimated our ability to walk from the airport to the campsite with 10kg backpacks, but we got there - slowly, but steadily.


If you're wondering about the success of our adventure: It was 1000% successful.
I don't think I've ever felt so free and safe on vacation before; besides Santander we were also able to visit Bilbao and Santillana del Mar, so that was three cities in a week, and it was amazing.

Between staying in a tent for a week, eating ramen noodles cooked with warm shower water, drinking store-bought sangria "to get the feeling of Spain", being responsible for organizing our own bus trips, trying to figure out the bus system in the first place, finding out they have escalators on small hills in the middle of Santander so you don't break a sweat walking around, jumping around on a sand beach (and later getting sand out of everywhere), eating churros con chocolate, looking for cheap Pintxos in Bilbao, trying to get a good photo of me jumping in a street in Santillana del Mar while constantly being photobombed by other tourists, spending the night at the Marco Polo airport in Venice and playing with a baggage trolley on the escalator there, I can't decide which part was my favorite.

So now if you'll excuse me, I'll use the rest of this winter to plan out other hidden gems to visit this year. 

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