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February 01, 2017

Growing up in Europe, I always thought I was missing out on something. Mostly because I knew I would never be a Disney child ...

Growing up in Europe, I always thought I was missing out on something. Mostly because I knew I would never be a Disney child star, since they only did auditions in the USA. Looking at how most Disney child stars turned out, though, I am thankful for that.
What I never cherished was the fact that when I grew up, I would have access to all European capitals. Considering, of course, that I had some money saved up for traveling. One of my favorite capitals is, of course, London, so the feeling of gratitude rushed through me when I first started talking about spending New Year's Eve there with three of my classmates (two of which are also my roommates).
I've been there before, but back then we just visited the main sights. This time, I was there for 8 days (actually 7 and a night spent at the airport) so we took our time and saw basically everything.

*I am pretty sure Blogger made the quality of the photos terrible. I sincerely apologize in advance.*

Behold, our most (mostly) successful photos. We took off on December 26th. We saw the Buckingham Palace, where we took about a 100 selfies and a bunch of photos of us jumping. We also went to the Greenwich observatory, but we weren't able to take any good photos of the view, since it was totally foggy and there was no view. We also saw Big Ben, London Eye, and Tower Bridge.
And besides the main attractions we went to see Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical In the Heights (YES!). We went to two (yes, two!) pubs. We went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We also saw Ioan Gruffudd as he was passing us by on the street! I was in love with him when I was a little girl because I had a VHS tape of 102 Dalmatians and I watched it a million times. We spent New Year's Eve on Trafalgar square (where fireworks last 10 minutes, which is awfully long, seeing how terrible they are for the environment). And we spent the last night sleeping at the airport, because we had an early morning flight (which made us sleepy and cranky).

Besides the main attractions, our trip was very focused on the amazing people that lived in (and around) London. We went to Garden Lodge, Freddie Mercury's house in Kensington (where I was able to leave a message on the wall). David Bowie's mural in Brixton, his birthplace. We (actually a lady we met on the street) also took a photo on Abbey Road crosswalk, the one where The Beatles took a photo for their album cover almost 50 years ago.

Have you been to London?
I highly recommend it. You can never run out of fun things to do and see, even if you've seen them before (just look at how excited I am in every photo). 

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