When you need a confidence boost but don't feel like dating {Tinder}

June 22, 2016

It started as a joke, really. My roommate made a Tinder account because she loves laughing at what Tinder users write as their introductio...

It started as a joke, really. My roommate made a Tinder account because she loves laughing at what Tinder users write as their introductions. So one day when we were all looking at her phone, she talked me into creating an account, because I also love laughing at people that use their muscles to get dates. Just in case you don't know how Tinder works: you look at photos of other people and swipe right if you like them or swipe left if you don't. You can also super like someone and this option lets them know that you super liked them before they decide which way to swipe on you. Otherwise they can't know if you've swiped right, unless they also swipe right (and then it's a match!)

My experience actually went just as I expected.
Most of the photos were of men's six packs (there were no faces, just photos of their stomachs), cars (yes, I am TOTALLY impressed by the fact that you have an expensive car that I probably couldn't afford even if I sold my soul) and dogs (I adore dogs, but I hate it when people use them to show me that they're great people).
The introductions were also fun - from the most sexual ones that I wish I hadn't read, to sentences that were just ... weird. I also found a couple of my high school classmates.

But here and there I found a few of actually good guys that I just had to swipe right, for scientific purposes. The 4 people I liked, liked me back and I got super liked twice, which was a pretty great confidence boost.

So then one of them started texting me which made me stressed out and I screamed at my roommates. for talking me into this. Then I texted him back and we started talking. He was actually pretty fun and we had a few similar interests, but this whole time I'm thinking, "Wow, so this is what people mean when they say there's no chemistry?" For the first time, I understood what they meant. But I didn't feel it, I just felt like talking to some person that is kinda fun, but only because we agree about some stuff. It was ... meh. And then, he invited me out for coffee. And I said to myself: "Crap. I'm going to have to be honest now!" So after screaming for a couple of minutes again, my roommates and I sat down and they helped me put together a message, in which I explained that he's really cool, but I only made a Tinder account as a joke/experiment and that I wasn't really using Tinder for actually dating.

And that was the end of my experiment.

Don't get me wrong, though. I think that it's absolutely possible to find your SO on Tinder. I actually know a wonderful couple that met that way. I just discovered that it's hard to find someone on Tinder when you live in a small country where Tinder is not so widely used. And I also discovered I am not a person who is able to meet someone in real life that I have spent some time before talking to via the Internet.
As weird as it sounds, I want to feel someone's energy in person first, and THEN we can talk via any and all online messaging options.

I am always up for a chat, but if you ever see me on Tinder, know that I am only using it because I am bored. Have you ever used dating sites? 

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