Blogger meetup with Envy! {Lost in Translation}

May 11, 2016

If  someone told me three years ago that I would have my own blog in just a short while and that the blog would be my way of communication...

If  someone told me three years ago that I would have my own blog in just a short while and that the blog would be my way of communication and releasing my emotions, I would say they're crazy. And if someone told me that my blog would inspire someone to travel to my country and that I would actually meet that person, it would sound even crazier. But that actually happened, and last week I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite bloggers in real life, Envy from Lost in Translation.

May 3rd. Shortly after arriving to Ljubljana, my roommates and I decided to go to the center to eat (Shhh, this is important for the story!). Just as it was our turn to get sandwiches at the food place, I realized it was already 12.50pm and I was supposed to meet up with Envy at 1pm. I almost ran from one side of the center to the other, throwing the sandwich in my bag and forgetting about it (yes, that's how important this meetup was) and when I was halfway there, I texted her that I'll be a little late, just in case. Soon after that, she texted me back that she was already there.

My first thought was: Holy crap, she's real! She texted me via actual text messages! As I was stepping towards the square I was thinking: In just two minutes I'm going to meet the person behind the blog that I've been following ever since I started my own blog. What if she doesn't like me???

When we actually met, I think the first couple of minutes we only talked about how weird and unreal meeting each other was, because we weren't looking at our profile pictures anymore.
We went to the Skyscraper (fun fact: it's a building that used to be the tallest one in Ljubljana and there's a cafe at the top). We waited for the lift for about 5 minutes because apparently people don't know how to use lifts. And then we just talked for two hours about all kinds of stuff - other bloggers, our own blogs, things that are great about Slovenia, and things that are great about the Netherlands.

And we also took a commemorative selfie.

She brought me all kinds of amazing stuff, including a mug from Rotterdam, a bag of delicious waffles with maple syrup, some very not delicious salty candy (which aparently Dutch people give to foreigners to mess with them) and my favorite - HAGELSLAG! Which you've probably heard of if you follow Envy's blog, and it's just as delicious as it looks in her post.

On May 4th we met up at 7pm and drove to the cinema. My friends were already waiting there and we ate a Captain America themed cake (which I have no photos of for some reason?). And then we saw Captain America: Civil War.
I will not give out any spoilers, I'll just say that it wasn't as good as I expected (but it was still really awesome). Envy said this was her first time watching Marvel with actual Marvel fans.

On May 5th we met up at 11am and first took the bus to my apartment and then drove with my car to Bled. We stopped on the way in a church called Brezje which is most famous for people hanging their photos and notes around the altar to make their wishes come true (sounds really pre-Martin Luther, right?). When we arrived to Bled, we went to the boat rental place and we took a boat to drive to the island. Every single movement that we made almost flipped us over and switching places was really tough, but we had a lot of fun.

On May 6th we said goodbye because I was already going home. All in all, I really hope Envy enjoyed Slovenia! I had a lot of fun and if you want to know more about her week in Slovenia, here's her vlog about our meetup (psst, I have multiple cameos!):

I reaaaaaally hope I'll be able to meet all of my favorite bloggers this way, because this was such a great experience! 

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