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May 25, 2016

*Not in the context of Justin Bieber's song, though. Last week I was whining to my roommate about my looks. We were talking abo...

*Not in the context of Justin Bieber's song, though.

Last week I was whining to my roommate about my looks. We were talking about someone and I jokingly said "What if they don't like me in real life?" This was about something very trivial, but what stuck to me was what my roommate said afterwards: "Don't say that! You're my role model for self-confidence!" 
To be honest, the fact that I am confident is what I love most about myself and that is the best compliment I've ever received. The fact that I REALLY don't care what people think about my life, my body, and my actions.

I don't think I've ever really hated my body (I mean, I hate it every time my period rolls around, but other than that I'm cool).
I remember when I was around 10, I was sitting in the bathtub, looking at my thighs. I was kind of kneeling, so my thigh fat would scrunch up at the sides, and I remember drawing lines on my legs with my finger, exactly where I would have to cut them to make them look thin.
But after seeing skinny girls sitting down or kneeling, they also had the same type of stuff scrunching up around their thighs (you know that plop thing that thighs make when you sit down?) so I didn't give it another thought.
Of course I have insecurities, but those will come and go. What matters is that I don't give in to what other people think of me.

Because, honestly, fuck what other people think of me and my body. It's not their body and it's not their choice. Because it's also not up to me what other people do with their bodies. I am amazing and no one can tell me otherwise. Because when I look in the mirror, I pose and say Damn, I look good!

But I feel terrible for people that aren't satisfied with what they see in the mirror and I would love to just grab those people by the shoulders and say: "What are you doing? You are amazing and beautiful and you should see yourself the way I see you!" In fact, I dare you all to go look at the mirror and find 5 things that you absolutely ADORE about yourself.

For me right now, those five things on my body are:
- my unevenly curly hair that looks different every day,
- my eyebrows that have really great natural arches,
- my dimple on the right cheek (I lost the one on the left sometime along the way),
- the birthmark on my right arm that looks like a smudge I forgot to wash,
- the scar on my right knee (because it's a great story to tell everyone).

It used to bother me if people talked about my looks.
But now it doesn't anymore and I am proud of that.

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