Pros & Cons of Blogging // 2 years in

January 20, 2016

So I've been blogging for two years and that makes me a pro and I can just drop out of college because I make enough money through blog...

So I've been blogging for two years and that makes me a pro and I can just drop out of college because I make enough money through blogging to support myself and twelve cats. Okay, maybe not twelve. But all jokes aside, I have learnt a lot and I discovered the main advantages and disadvantages of blogging.

A blog is a personal archive. When you're getting older, memories are awesome. Wow, that sounds like I'm 40. I'm not, I just love scrapbooking and saving all kinds of memories and souvenirs. And a blog is basically your own scrapbook.

It improves your writing style. I think blogging is one of the reasons why I speak English so well (Okay, I still don't know where to put commas, but other than that ...). And my writing style has evolved so much in the past two years because of that, I even started writing stories in English.

You might even make some money (or a lot). You can do sponsored posts, receive free stuff to review, or put a couple of AdSense ads on the blog. Even a small amount of money can be an amazing encouragement to continue.

Meeting other people in the bloggers' community. I have met so many amazing bloggers along the way and I feel terrible that I will (probably) never meet them in person. It's awesome when you have a support system that's always there to help you. My two favorites are Teenage Blogger Central (although I will be too old for that in a few months???) and InfluenceHer Collective.

It's a great way to vent about your problems. If there's problems you can't or don't want to talk to your friends about, a blog is a great way to let those thoughts out. There's always someone to read that and possibly agree with you.

You can learn how to code. If you asked me two years ago what coding was I probably wouldn't know. No, really, I don't think I knew what coding meant, but look at me now, writing codes like a pro without any help. And there's always amazing bloggers that teach you coding tricks if you're not very good at it.

It can get overwhelming and you might lose inspiration. If you get too into it and start planning too much, blogging can get overwhelming and you might feel the need to stop. But if you just take a short break, you'll see that basically everything is bloggable, and the desire to blog comes back.

It's pretty time-consuming. If you have a job or are a student, it's hard to post multiple times a week (honestly, I don't know how some people find the energy to blog every day after coming from work or school). But even publishing one post a week can sometimes be tough, because if you want to have a well-thought out post, you need to make some research and plan it out. And write it, of course. And then promote it on social media.

Your friends don't understand you and (probably) get annoyed by you. I am extremely proud of my blog and I love talking about it, but I think I annoy people when I talk too much about it (sometimes I even annoy myself), but it's a huge part of my life so I can't stop.

Are there any pros/cons you'd like to add? 

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