Desensitized to sexism?

November 18, 2015

My college is one of the most open and accepting schools around here. It makes sense, since it's a school for social sciences; journal...

My college is one of the most open and accepting schools around here. It makes sense, since it's a school for social sciences; journalists, politicians, and PR representatives should be open-minded. So at every class they try to get into our heads with creative and open ideas to make us think for ourselves.

So up until now I have only heard one sexist remark in college. But even though it was just one, it really bothered me. My English professor (a woman) said that women can't be war journalists because we're not emotionally strong enough. She also said that the only female Slovenian war journalist had to take her husband with her on a mission so that she could feel safe. And while I personally don't want to be a war journalist (not because I'm not emotionally strong, just because I have a million other interests) this was really annoying, because I have over 5 classmates whose life dream it is to be war journalists, and they are all women. So I was thinking if I'm at one of the most open-minded schools and there's still at least one sexist person, how do people deal with sexism in the workplace, and how am I supposed to deal with it in everyday life?

At my best friend's college - she's studying to be an elementary teacher - they told them that men were more employable because they don't get pregnant. That is pretty common, to be fair, but she said that some employers actually asked women at job interviews when they were planning on having children, and they decided who gets the job based on that.

Liz from Love Life Beauty said:
"I've had so many issues, being a single woman just trying to get her CAR SERVICED has been an issue more than once. They're always trying to get me over as if I have zero knowledge on anything car related - that never happens with men." 

I also talked to Darrian from Oh Shift, Y'all! who works for the military.
"In my office of around 20-25 people, there are 4 women, myself included. The level of sexist remarks, comments, etc. that I hear on a daily basis are so large and repetitive that I've almost become desensitized to it (except this morning when I heard the phrase "rat b*tch" one too many times).
My reactions tend to vary. Usually I just brush off the comments and try not to worry about them. Yesterday morning I got so fed up that I decided to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity office. They can do things like speak to management and require additional training for the office. I'm concerned because they'll probably know it was me but it makes for a bad working environment. I think it's important that we stand up for ourselves against situations like this. I mean, yesterday I got mad and the comments weren't even about me. Do you know how many times people make jokes like "oh she's just over there online shopping" when I'm actually trying to do work? If we stay desensitized to sexism then its never going to change. People are going to continue to think that it's okay."

I think that the more exposed to sexism you are, the more desensitized to it you become.
So never stop fighting against it.

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