8 Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

July 22, 2015

What is the official age a blog must have when a blogger is allowed to write this post? It took me a w hile to figure out this wh...

What is the official age a blog must have when a blogger is allowed to write this post?
It took me a while to figure out this whole blogging thing - and to figure out I don't fit a certain blogging niche and that's okay - but I now know quite a lot (I even know HTML coding). So I decided to put together 8 things I wish people told me when I started this blog.

1. Say exactly what you mean. In blogging, words are all you've got to communicate with others and these words can easily be misunderstood. For example, if you've written a post about how you absolutely despise movies from the '80s, you can't comment on another blog that The Breakfast Club and Ghostbusters are you favorites. Tell the truth, even if one of your readers might disagree - not everyone has the same opinion and we all have the right to express ours.

2. Don't stress over statistics. I used to be obsessed with my blog stats. I would open Blogger just to see if I've gained any new readers/pageviews/followers and I was so disappointed if one of my favorite posts didn't get the recognition it deserved. But then I just decided to let it go - if people like my blog they will read it and come check it out often, and those that don't like it, won't. It's funny, because when I stopped obsessing over numbers, I started seeing progress.

3. Random inspiration. Now that you're a blogger it's your duty to find inspiration in everything.
Wherever you go, you should be able to see blog-worthy stuff. It's actually a burden, I can't go anywhere without taking pictures ''for the blog'' and I'm pretty sure I'm annoying everyone around me. Yesterday I was cleaning my room (spring cleaning?) and I found a box of memories (souvenirs from everywhere and everyone) and I'm already putting together a post about it.
This inspiration thing is great if you have a tiny little notebook or planner with you at all times where you can write random post ideas (I have it in my school bag and it's slowly being filled with random thoughts). If you're out of ideas, you can also use Pinterest (there's a whole lot of blogging challenges with daily prompts).

4. Connect with other bloggers. It doesn't matter what you write about, it's always better when you can talk to other bloggers about blogging problems or ideas. What helped me the most was joining Her Campus and Teenage Blogger Central, I met a whole lot of lovely bloggers over there. 
Another thing that was really helpful at connecting with others (and also getting higher stat numbers) was collaborations with others and guest posts. You can basically contact a blogging friend or a random blogger you like and create a project (For example I organized a Back to School Blogging Challenge in August 2014).

5. Grow your audience by commenting. Commenting is an important part of blogging. When you comment on my blog, I will automatically check out your blog, because I want to get to know you and see how much we have in common.

6. The look. This includes the design and the look of the posts. The design is important - sometimes when I find a new blog I can't even read the post because the design is either not practical or it's too much of flashy colors and shapes. The posts should have a font that is easy to read and should have multiple paragraphs instead of just word vomit - yes, I think that's an actual phrase - it means that you just randomly pop words out of your brain incoherently and not pressing enter on your keyboard enough.

7. Link back to old posts. This is something I swear I will start doing now! When someone visits your blog they might click on a random old post in your archive and if you link to older/newer posts, the new reader is more likely to stay on your blog and find more interesting stuff.

8. Write what you want and when you want. (The most important one!) Don't only think about what people want to read. Instead, write what you want to write. Don't copy other bloggers' style, but rather incorporate your lifestyle in posts. Try to have a schedule (for example every Tuesday) and if you don't feel inspired to write, don't. No one will be mad at you if you skip one post day. I've been feeling completely uninspired recently and I haven't gotten any hate mail threatening to kill me if I don't write something soon, so no worries - quality over quantity.

I hope this helps! 

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